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Another Dramatic Legislative Session, But (So Far) Redevelopment Still Intact

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The Assembly has been in session since 11:00, and as best I can tell (I haven’t been able to watch the feed the entire day), it has not yet taken up SB 77 or redevelopment again today.  My understanding is that further discussion is planned before the session ends, and that SB 77 was – at least at the beginning of the session – "item #7" on the agenda. 

In the meantime, the 11:00 session started a bit late this morning, and both houses almost immediately convened in caucuses.  Later, they moved forward with a few of the budget bills, taking them up and (apparently) approving them based on a simple majority vote after some controversial procedural maneuvering. 

To add a bit of color, the relatively tame debate of yesterday has also taken a decidedly more negative tone today, as allegations of "fear mongering" resulted in demands for apologies.

Now (just after 4:00 p.m. Thursday), the Assembly is waiting for some bills from the Senate, and it still has not taken up SB 77.   In fact, it’s starting to look like SB 77 may not come back to the Assembly floor today, as the Assembly speaker’s office is saying the measure is still one vote short, so a floor vote may be delayed until that last vote is found.

We’ll let you know if anything happens as the session progresses. 

P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day (I wonder whether a bunch of kegs of green beer would help move the process along).

UPDATE, 5:35 p.m.  The Assembly just adjourned for the day, without further discussion of SB 77.

  • Los Angeleno

    Come on Jerry! Go get ’em!

    You should see what the Los Angeles CRA did today to try to avoid the axe:


  • Jason

    This is the absolute dumbest way to save money.

  • http://sierramadretattler.blogspot.com Eric Maundry

    What the hell is wrong with the Republicans? Do they really want to be known as the party of Eminent Domain? As much as I can’t stand California democrats, the GOP is even worse. And when they do stuff like this it makes you wonder if they’re still living on the same planet as the rest of the human race.