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CTC Makes First Allocations of 2015 But California’s Infrastructure Future is Murky

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At its meeting last week, the California Transportation Commission allocated $174.8 million to 85 projects around the state.  Some of the projects receiving allocations this month include: $22.5 million for  construction of SR-905/SR-125 connectors in San Diego $20 million to realign Highway 1 in San Luis Obispo County away from the eroding shoreline $19.4 million… Continue Reading

Redevelopment 2.0 — Infrastructure Financing Districts Approved for Redevelopment Project Areas

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Despite being destroyed and dismantled, redevelopment in California has been born once again, this time reincarnated under the name of "Infrastructure Financing Districts."  Last week, Governor Brown signed into law AB 471, which amends section 53395.4 of the California Government Code to allow infrastructure financing districts to finance a project or portion of a project located within a redevelopment project… Continue Reading

Redevelopment Wind-Down: A Few Random Thoughts

Posted in Court Decisions, Redevelopment

I saw a couple of California redevelopment-related stories over the past week that seemed worthy of at least a brief comment. First, a court decision involving a rather bold argument by a public agency. The City of Loma Linda, like so many California cities, used to have a redevelopment agency.  That redevelopment agency acquired property and embarked on… Continue Reading

Governor Brown Signs AB 401: Giving Broader Authority for Regional Transportation Agencies to use Design Build

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On October 5, 2013, Governor Brown signed AB 401 (Daly, D- Anaheim) into law.  The new law grants Caltrans, Orange County Transportation Authority, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority and other regional transportation agencies expanded authority to use design build for project procurement.  You can view a summary of the new law here.  Highlights include: Caltrans… Continue Reading

End of Redevelopment in California: More on Yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision

Posted in Court Decisions, Redevelopment

Yesterday, we reported briefly on the Supreme Court’s decision in California Redevelopment Assn. v. Matosantos.  As many of you undoubtedly know by now, the outcome was the nightmare redevelopment agencies feared most, but that many (including us) had forecast after listening to oral argument last month.  The Court upheld ABX1 26, allowing the dissolution of… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Upholds Law Eliminating California’s Redevelopment Agencies

Posted in Court Decisions, Redevelopment

Today, the California Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated opinion in California Redevelopment Assn. v. Matosantos, the case challenging ABX1 26 and ABX1 27.  In a decision foreshadowed by the tone of last month’s oral argument, the Court upheld ABX1 26, but struck down ABX1 27 as a violation of California’s Proposition 22: "Assembly Bill 1X… Continue Reading

California Redevelopment Agencies File Suit Seeking to Overturn Their Elimination

Posted in Redevelopment

While Governor Brown’s push to eliminate redevelopment agencies seemed to drag on forever, California’s redevelopment agencies were not so slow to act once the long-contemplated ABX1 26 and ABX1 27 became law.  On Monday, the redevelopment agencies filed suit directly in the California Supreme Court seeking to overturn the recent enactments. The redevelopment agencies are… Continue Reading

Governor Signs Law Eliminating Redevelopment in California

Posted in Redevelopment

For months, we’ve been reporting on the impending death of California’s redevelopment agencies.  Even we had started to feel like the "boy who cried wolf" as we reported on iterations of the Governor’s budget plan that didn’t come to fruition.  But this time, it’s real.  Along with an overall budget package, this week the Governor… Continue Reading

Days that Make Being an Eminent Domain Attorney Exciting: More Redevelopment Developments

Posted in Redevelopment

We’re trying to keep on top of the developments over the future of redevelopment in California, but by the time we can get something drafted and posted, the story has already changed.  Here’s a quick recap of what we know (and what we don’t): Back in January, Governor Brown announced plans to eliminate California’s redevelopment… Continue Reading

The Future of Redevelopment: From Elimination to Reform?

Posted in Redevelopment

As we have previously reported (Fate of Redevelopment Remains in Limbo), the bills to eliminate redevelopment agencies have languished due to Republican opposition.  With so many redevelopment agencies scrambling to use or secure redevelopment funds in an effort to protect them from being taken by Sacramento and with shortfalls in property tax revenues due to declining… Continue Reading

Eminent Domain Legislative Updates

Posted in Redevelopment

I presented an update on eminent domain/redevelopment issues making their way through the legislature at this week’s IRWA Chapter 67 (Orange County) monthly meeting, and I’ve received a few follow-up requests for more information.  So I decided it was probably worthwhile to put all the information here on the Nossaman blog.  Status of California Redevelopment Agencies:  It’s now been… Continue Reading

The Calm Before the Storm

Posted in Redevelopment

Despite daily rumors to the contrary, neither chamber took up the issue of redevelopment last week. Both the Senate and Assembly held brief floor sessions Friday morning without voting on either SB 77 or AB 101, the bills eliminating redevelopment. While both houses remained on-call over weekend and today, the next floor sessions are not… Continue Reading

The Budget and Redevelopment: Plan B?

Posted in Redevelopment

Another day has passed with no apparent movement on the two remaining elements of the Governor’s budget.  Rumors are circulating that plans are afoot for bypassing Republican legislators by placing a tax measure on the November ballot.  Officially, the Governor’s office remains focused on the original plan.  In fact, the Governor’s spokesman, Gil Duran, was… Continue Reading

Fate of Redevelopment Remains in Limbo

Posted in Redevelopment

Both the Senate and Assembly have adjourned for the weekend, but what a week it has been in the battle over the future of redevelopment. The bill to kill redevelopment, SB 77, came up for multiple votes in the Assembly on Wednesday. The bill initially garnered only 50 of the 54 votes needed for the… Continue Reading

Initial Vote on Bill to End Redevleopment Falls Short

Posted in Redevelopment

SB 77 – the budget trailer bill to eliminate redevelopment agencies in California – has been debated on the Assembly floor much of the afternoon.  When it finally came time to vote at a little after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, it was still unclear whether Governor Brown would receive the two-thirds vote necessary.  As the votes came… Continue Reading

A More Personal View of the Redevelopment Fight from National City

Posted in Redevelopment, Right to Take

We’ve blogged a lot in the past two months about redevelopment issues and the Governor’s plan to help right California’s budget by, among other things, eliminating redevelopment agencies.  But most of what we’ve written has viewed redevelopment from the 30,000 foot level.  For policy-making decisions, viewing the big picture is hugely important.  But a case… Continue Reading

Winning Hearts and Minds

Posted in Redevelopment

As we noted in yesterday’s post, Vote on Redevelopment Agencies’ Future Uncertain, the Governor’s deadline of March 10th is slipping away.  How far can it slip?  Some believe that a vote on his budget proposal could slip all the way into the third week of March, unless a few Republicans break ranks before then.  Thus… Continue Reading

Redevelopment: The Final Showdown?

Posted in Redevelopment

The Legislature may deal a death blow to redevelopment in California as early as next week.  Late yesterday afternoon, on a party line vote, the members of the Budget Conference Committee voted to move the Governor’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment to both houses for a vote by the Assembly and Senate members.  The Governor wants the… Continue Reading