Nossaman prides itself on its in-depth expertise and reputation for success in eminent domain and other real estate valuation litigation.  We successfully represent public agencies and other acquiring entities in the acquisition of right of way and other property for the most important public works projects in the state, including major road, rail, flood control, utility, and school projects. We also represent landowners and business owners facing both full and partial takings in a wide variety of contexts.  Our group has acheived sucess litigating cases involving virtually every type of property and business in California.

Nossaman’s Eminent Domain and Valuation Practice Group and its courtroom successes consistently garner statewide attention.  Nossaman’s attorneys include some of the top and most skilled technical experts in the state, with experience in all aspects of eminent domain law. The breadth and depth of our experience allows us to handle all aspects of condemnation litigation, from elaborate precondemnation planning for acquiring entities, landowners, and business owners, to final resolution, whether through settlement, jury verdict, or published appellate opinion.

Our attorneys have an enviable record of trial success, including several multi-million dollar verdicts and many settlements of similar size.  We have successfully litigated eminent domain issues before the California Supreme Court and have won several key appellate decisions. Those appellate decisions have played a major role in shaping the law of eminent domain in California.  Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Precondemnation planning
  • Prejudgment possession issues
  • Claims of unreasonable government pre-litigation and litigation tactics
  • Right-to-take challenges
  • Claims arising from precondemnation delay and blight
  • Real property valuation
  • Severance damages in situations where the government acquires only part of the property
  • Claims for loss of business goodwill
  • Fixtures and equipment valuation
  • Claims for benefits under the Relocation Act
  • Claims for other damages, such as access and view impairments
  • Inverse condemnation claims
  • Regulatory takings
  • Disputes concerning dedication requirements and fees
  • Rent adjustment and other leasehold disputes
  • Mediations, arbitrations, and other alternative dispute resolution vehicles
  • Court and jury trials
  • Appeals before the Courts of Appeal and the California Supreme Court

The Nossaman team has prepared short guides for landowners and business owners facing eminent domain. These guides answer many basic questions about eminent domain and the litigation process. For more in depth analysis or questions, please feel free to contact any of our team members.