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We are pleased to provide the next installment of our video series from Nossaman’s 2019 Eminent Domain Seminars. In this segment, Eminent Domain & Valuation Partner Rick Rayl discusses timing and preparation of Notices of Possession and other preliminary steps in the filing of a condemnation action.

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Welcome to the first installment of our video series from Nossaman’s 2019 Eminent Domain Seminars.  In this segment, Nossaman Partner Rick Rayl discusses the initial appraisal process and benefits of a strong appraisal.

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Right of Way Certification is a key project milestone; not only does it mean a project is ready for advertising but obtaining certification by a certain date is often a prerequisite for funding.  Tying certification to dollars means it’s crucial that agencies acquire property and/or obtain orders for possession in a timely manner.  As we’ve discussed here before, this can mean filing an eminent domain action while still negotiating with property owners, something many agency boards are reluctant to do.

The latest example of the perils of prejudgment possession comes out of Butte ...

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As we have reported in the past, public agencies are often faced with deadlines to secure possession of necessary right of way and ensure project funding.  Given the amount of time it takes to secure possession through the court process, agencies must proceed with condemnation actions even where they need additional time to negotiate with property owners.  Delaying the condemnation action for several additional months, while likely to lead to a settlement, ultimately places the project at risk if no deal is reached and thereby forces the agency's hand.  This is exactly what ...

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Following the 2005 Kelo decision, California enacted a number of modest eminent domain reforms.  For eminent domain attorneys, the most significant changes arguably came in the procedures for obtaining prejudgment possession.  This can be a major issue on large public improvement projects, as construction schedules and funding commitments are often tied to the date on which the condemning agency secures possession of the property needed for the project.

The new laws both (1) shift the balance of power somewhat away from the agency and towards the property owner, and (2) extend the ...

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The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the owner of Silveira Ranch are involved in an interesting valuation dispute stemming from Caltrans' acquisition of part of the ranchland needed for Highway 101 improvements.  According to an article in the Marin Independent Journal, Judge gives state a nod in Silveira ranch eminent domain case, the parties disagree on the property's highest and best use, and as a result, they are widely off on their valuation opinions.  Caltrans has offered the owner $1.8 million for the acquisition, while the owner is demanding $6 ...

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California continues to move forward with more infrastructure improvement projects.  According to an article in the Daily Republic, Agency starts eminent domain proceedings for I-80/680 project, the Solano Transportation Authority and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) are embarking on a $100 million-plus project to improve traffic flow near the Interstates 80 and 680 interchange.  The project includes widening the freeway and constructing new on-ramps at the Green Valley Road interchange.

In order to move forward with project construction ...

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Ever since we started this blog, one of the big topics we've touched on repeatedly deals with public agencies running into issues when trying to secure possession of property for right of way projects.  Whether it's due to project funding constraints, federal oversight demands, construction contract deadlines, project timing requirements, or difficulties dealing with impacted property and business owners, agencies are routinely pressed with stressful deadlines to start building their projects.  Would you like to know what pitfalls to look out for and how to avoid them?  ...

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The International Right of Way Association's (IRWA) International Education Conference in Seattle has just wrapped up, and boy was it a great event.  Over 1,200 right of way professionals from across the United States and Canada (along with some visitors from Japan, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and the UK) all in one location for four days.  What could be better?  If you weren't able to make it, let me tell you that Alaska and Canada -- two chapters vying for hosting the 2017 event -- sure know how to have a good time. 

As I travel home on my flight back to Orange County ...

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According to a Turlock Journal article, "TID moves ahead with eminent domain," the Turlock Irrigation District approved the adoption of a resolution of necessity in order to move forward with eminent domain for the Hughson/Grayson 115 kv transmission line project.  

As expected, impacted property owners are not satisfied with the agency's appraised value.  The article reports that residents are in the process of obtaining their own appraisals, and have requested a 30 day extension prior to the commencement of eminent domain proceedings.  (As a public agency, the irrigation district ...

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The site selection process for a new school is typically a difficult one, as large acreage is usually needed in the middle of a populated area.  When these two factors are combined, eminent domain often follows.  

According to a recent article in the Fresno Bee, "Fresno Unified moves ahead on southeast elementary school," this is precisely the situation faced by the Fresno Unified School District as it proceeds with building its new $20 million southeast elementary school.  The District needs 8.43 acres, requiring the acquisition of 20 different parcels from 17 different owners.  In ...

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As we reported in an update yesterday, San Luis Obispo County adopted resolutions of necessity to condemn portions of three parcels needed for Nipomo’s Willow Road interchange project.  According to an April 21 Santa Maria Times article by April Charlton, "Board OKs use of eminent domain," the County is still negotiating with the owners, but was forced to start the eminent domain process now, or its risks losing key project funding:

[T]he county is required to show the state that the project is ready to proceed by the end of June to obtain millions of dollars in transportation funds ...

After a flurry of post-Kelo activity, cries for eminent domain reform seem to have quieted in California in the past couple of years.  Now, public utility companies are seeking to step into the calm in an effort to roll back some of the reforms that did occur.

One of the recent changes to California eminent domain law involves the procedures for obtaining prejudgment possession.  Before Kelo, agencies could almost guarantee possession quickly.  In fact, they could obtain orders for possession ex parte, meaning they didn't even have to provide owners with notice that they were seeking ...

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I will be speaking February 11 at the Sacramento IRWA Chapter's lunch meeting (Chapter 27).  My presentation will be about avoiding pitfalls under the new eminent domain prejudgment possession rules.   This topic has received considerable attention over the past couple of years, and will undoubtedly be the focus of more attention over the next few years as appellate decisions involving the new rules start to appear.  

The meeting details are as follows:

La Provence
110 Diamond Creek Place
Roseville, CA 95747
(916) 789-2002

Board Meeting: 10:30 a.m.
Registration/ Meet & ...

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We have previously reported on Tulare County's efforts to acquire right of way for its Road 108 widening and its Road 80 widening.  Now, the County is considering condemning four additional parcels for the Road 108 project. 

In a February 1 article in the Visalia Times Delta, Eminent domain on county board's agenda, Valerie Gibbons reports that the County will decide tomorrow whether to file four more eminent domain actions, which would bring the recent total to 25.  Ms. Gibbons reports that the County's apparent rush to proceed has "had residents up in arms in past meetings."

But the County ...

Yesterday's IRWA Chapter 1 seminar in Los Angeles was a great success, with an outstanding panel of speakers.  The morning started with an informative presentation by Dave Guder of Southern California Edison about the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project and renewable energy sources in general. 

The liveliest discussion, however, centered around a narrow issue that triggered some surprisingly animated responses.  The issue involved a condemning agency's use of one appraiser for the initial eminent domain offer and deposit of probable compensation, and another appraiser ...

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I attended the IRWA Chapter 1 (Los Angeles chapeter) lunch meeting today, and listened to my partner, Rick Friess, speak about the Pitfalls of Prejudgment Possession [PDF]. The most lively part of the discussion centered on the requirement that condemning agencies offer the property owner $5,000 to obtain his or her own appraisal, and whether the agencies can condition that money on anything. There was clear agreement on the fact that to date, no case has interpreted the requirement, and that there is at least some ambiguity about what, if any, conditions may be imposed.

Typically ...

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