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Court Narrowly Defines “Public Improvement” for Inverse Condemnation Liability

Under inverse condemnation law in California, a public agency is generally strictly liable for physical damage to private property caused by a public improvement.  This means a public agency can be held liable even if the public improvement was properly designed, constructed and maintained.  Rarely is there a question of whether a project constitutes a “public improvement,” but in … Continue Reading

California Condemnation Round-Up

 Here’s a few updates on eminent domain-related issues taking place in California this week: City of Covina Condemnation:  According to an article in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Covina using eminent domain to take property from Alhassen-controlled company, the City of Covina has filed an eminent domain action to acquire a vacant, half-acre property owned by … Continue Reading

Some Random Eminent Domain Updates

I wanted to provide a quick update on some things about which we’ve reported over the past few months: 1.  Los Angeles Unified School District v. Casasola (2010) 187 Cal.App.4th 189 In Court Blurs Line Between Goodwill and Relocation Benefits, we reported on the Casasola decision, which expanded upon the earlier decision in Redevelopment Agency … Continue Reading

Updates on California Projects Involving Eminent Domain

Over the past month, we have reported on a number of potential projects involving the use of eminent domain.  For anyone following these projects, here is a quick update: On March 19, we reported that the City of San Pablo was contemplating renewing the City’s eminent domain powers for an additional 12 years while promising compliance … Continue Reading

Pasadena May Use Eminent Domain for Historical Building

According to a Pasadena Star-News article, "Pasadena may use eminent domain to seize historical building," next month the City of Pasadena will consider authorizing the use of eminent domain to acquire a historical building designed by California’s first prominent female architect, Julia Morgan.  The building, located at 78 N. Marengo Ave. near City Hall, was built … Continue Reading