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The Calm Before the Storm

Despite daily rumors to the contrary, neither chamber took up the issue of redevelopment last week. Both the Senate and Assembly held brief floor sessions Friday morning without voting on either SB 77 or AB 101, the bills eliminating redevelopment. While both houses remained on-call over weekend and today, the next floor sessions are not … Continue Reading

Fate of Redevelopment Remains in Limbo

Both the Senate and Assembly have adjourned for the weekend, but what a week it has been in the battle over the future of redevelopment. The bill to kill redevelopment, SB 77, came up for multiple votes in the Assembly on Wednesday. The bill initially garnered only 50 of the 54 votes needed for the … Continue Reading

Initial Vote on Bill to End Redevleopment Falls Short

SB 77 – the budget trailer bill to eliminate redevelopment agencies in California – has been debated on the Assembly floor much of the afternoon.  When it finally came time to vote at a little after 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, it was still unclear whether Governor Brown would receive the two-thirds vote necessary.  As the votes came … Continue Reading